Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

Here we are, happily landed into 2012.  We had a terrific New Year's Eve at our home with great friends.  I've been able to have some quality time with a few "old" friends lately and it's been wonderful...spending time with them feels like home.

This year I have many things I'd like to do.  Get more organized.  Kick the nail biting habit.  Drop 10 more pounds.  Worry less.  Enjoy more.  Create healthier habits, and keep them.  HAVE ANOTHER BABY.

I saw this the other day and had to save it.  I think I'm there, and it feels good:

When Jamie and I were first married and ran into kinks, we'd comment that we've "growing and learning".  Years later, we still are.   Our past has made us better.  I'm certain we still have lots more growing and learning to do!

A perpetual calendar that I got from the ladies at work after we lost our baby last January has a great blessing for today: "May you look forward to the year ahead with an unwavering confidence in God--He loves you more than you can imagine, wants you to live out the dreams He put in your heart, and cheers you on to fulfill His purpose for you."

So that's how that strong desire to have more children got in there, God put it in my heart!  I hope that this year allows me to fulfill more of my purpose, whatever that is!  (It's a little scary to put that in writing, because I know what I WANT my purpose to be, but He may have other ideas!!)

Happy 2012! 


  1. Funny you posted that...KTIS was talking this morning about how God puts dreams into our hearts and it is sad when we don't follow through and pursue those dreams. Sounds like you have some awesome cool! :0)

  2. What perfect timing....I love that!