Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We've Matched!

My last post was asking for prayers for our upcoming meeting with an expecting couple....those prayers were answered!  We were asked to adopt their baby boy, his due date is August 1st!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update...Calling all Prayer Warriors!

About a week and a half ago our social worker let us know that the expecting mother we have been meeting with is reconsidering adoption.

This week we received another call from our social worker, an expecting couple would like to meet with us!  They are currently considering FIVE families, so we are being very realistic about it (yet still very excited and hopeful).  It's wonderful to have some new found hope, and it's very encouraging to have been picked out of the profile book.  

We could certainly use your prayers going into this meeting next week.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

5 Years!

Check out our family blog for Griffin's 5 year old photos, I love that little guy's personality!  A special thanks to my good friend, Mandi, from Amanda Rae Photography for taking them!

It's Time

After our miscarriages I was in no condition, mentally or physically, to get poked and prodded again.  But, now it's time.  We've recently visited with two women that found the answers they needed to have closure, to understand why their babies didn't survive.  Those answers found them through clinics in Chicago.  I've always wanted to know, but just wasn't ready to take the steps.  I'm ready now.  So, over the next several months, we hope to get some answers.  Not to try to have another baby biologically, but for peace.  It's all part of the process for me, so that someday I can sit in the rocking chair and the nursing home and have peace.  (And hopefully lots of great grandchildren visiting me with boxes of chocolate in hand.)

Other's Feedback, Comments & Thoughts

You guys will get picked right away!  You are such a great family!

Wow--I saw the interview on WCCO, your family is terrific.  You'll have so many opportunities to adopt!

How many leads did you get from the WCCO interview?

The encouragement is great, but it's hard, too.  See, we DIDN'T get picked "right away"....yes, I think we're a great family, but so are the other 59 waiting families!  And, the expecting mothers need to choose the family that is the right fit for them and their baby.  We can't be that for everyone, and the one that we are right for is still out there.

As for leads from the interview, that's not why we did it.  We realize that it could have lead us to opportunities, but it didn't.  Let's get realistic here....this is tough stuff, tough decisions, people's lives, emotions, many, many factors. There are not expecting women flooding the streets choosing adoption.

The reality is that I know some really great people that have waiting nearly two years to "get picked".  It's painful, frustrating and disappointing.  But, it's true.

Reality isn't always easy.  

As one adoptive mother told me, the only way you won't be a parent again is if you give up.  So, we can't give up.  But, we can keep our faith and hope alive, make the best life we can and enjoy the many, many good things we have been blessed with.