Monday, January 9, 2012

Complaining a Bit

I like updating our family blog (The Thompson Family Blog) because it's a great online "history" of our life, and I like writing on this blog (hello free therapy), but I don't enjoy updating our adoption website.  It makes me just want to yawn!  I question if anyone is really looking at it, if someone is really interested I'm guessing they will view our paper profile.  I know it's being viewed at least a little because of the # of visits listed on the site.....but is it just other adoptive parents scanning our site to see what we've done, or actual expecting parents checking us out?  I suppose we could do some outreach and PROMOTE the site, but that kinda scares me.  Getting matched through our agency just seems so "safe" to me. 

Thanks for letting me complain.  This is just a typical case of "I want to do what I want to do and this isn't what I want to do."  Some days I just want a "normal" life where I focus on the kids I have rather than trying to have more.  Wait, that's every day! :)

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  1. We did not do any outreach, so to speak. People knew we were adopting and we blogged about it but nothing like the ideas talked about in the outreach training. It is okay to not be an extreme outreacher....We were chosen from the book three times. It does happen--and LSS stats are showing book matches to be like 3 times that of outreach matches so far this year. Be true to who you are... and the book felt safe to us too!