Monday, January 2, 2012

To Do List

I put together a little to do list to "keep us busy" (as if we are bored!) as we wait.  I thought I'd blog about our progress on our to do list to keep track of what we did while we waited for our baby.  Most of the list focuses on our home and capturing family memories.

To do list item #1: Create a family photo wall.  Here's what I did today:
Obviously, it needs LOTS of help!  Only a few of the photos you see are of our family, so I am setting out to find the perfect photos for the frames.  I'm planning to print them all in black and white, and am hoping that quite a few will be "old" photos.  The top right photo is of Jamie's Grandma Jean, so, so cute!  I'll add more frames in the future (of course, we hope we'll be able to add a photo of the next Baby T to our family photo wall someday!).  It will be fun to see how this expands in the future.

I had all of the frames already (yes, I have quite the decor stock in our basement) and the family sign was a gift we received for Christmas. 

In the frame below the family sign, I plan to do a little scrapping type collage.  I'm starting with a fun last name collage, I found the details on how to make it on a great blog, Full of Great Ideas, you can find it here.

Here's what I made:

Uh-oh, now I am itching to make the collage and dig up old photos.  But, motherhood is calling, so I better go pay attention to that cute curly haired little boy I get to call my son!

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