Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Do List

Another thing that was on our "while we wait to do list" was organizing photos.  We had a giant tub of photos in our basement full of photo boxes and oodles and oodles of photos.  Jamie claimed that it weighs 120 lbs.  He dragged it to the "man room" last night and we started sorting and pitching photos while we had a family movie night.  We had lots of great giggles.  Goodbye scenery photos that we can easily Google and check out instead, goodbye senior photos of high school friends, good bye most of the photos taken with our then cool 1980s cameras...mine was pink, and goodbye free doubles (and to think I used to think that was GREAT!).

What a mess!

 Good bye!
Here's the end result....two photo boxes!  YES!  I bought a few photo albums, so will be working on getting some them in albums, but the rest will happily room in these boxes until we want to reminisce. 

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