Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrating with Others

I have a strange little network of people I've never met that are or have struggled with infertility.  One is through Resolve's online support group.  When I was really struggling with what steps to take to grow our family and needed advice, as well as when I was grieving (OK, that occurs daily, but when I really felt like I couldn't get through it) I turned to the online boards and posted comments.  The women understand and are so supportive.

You know I am emotional.  My heart easily swells or breaks for others.  Let's call it compassion.

I don't go on the boards frequently now, but check in from time to time.  Many of the women that I "met" that were struggling with infertility now have babies. 

One story really got me--it was about a family that applied for adoption, and so did their close friends...through the same agency.  The same birth mother met with both of them and selected their friends.  I can't imagine.  They were hurt, but accepted this with grace.  Their friends baby was born, bitter sweet.  Then, just like that, they got a call that they were matched!  I read this and welled up with tears.  I've never met the couple and likely won't ever, but it moved me.  It's so good to see others dreams come true.  And, it makes me realize how quickly things can change....for the better.

On that note, I better go get some work done.  Ya never know when we'll get a call, I gotta get movin'!

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