Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Missing a Session

The other night I was on a conference call with the group that is helping to plan the Resolve Family Building Conference in the Twin Cities.  There were several people on the call that have helped plan the conference for many years, and two of us that were new this year.  It was a great call, full of terrific ideas for improvement. 
I piped up with a concern of mine, the conference was great last year, but I felt like a piece was missing.  There weren't any session on miscarriages or grief.  In my opinion there is a lot of grief that comes with infertility, whether you suffer from a miscarriage or not.  A comment was made that they had sessions in the past related to miscarriage, but only a few people went.
Sure, but what about those few people?
I know I went to the conference because we were lost....not sure what to do next....we wanted to grow our family so badly, but didn't know which way to we wanted to gather information on ways to GROW our family.  Even though I was experiencing great grief at the time, maybe I would have skipped the miscarriage session, too, to attend something on adoption or natural methods of improving fertility instead.
But to have nothing offered, that just seems wrong. 
I remember the woman in one of my sessions that had a loss at 24 weeks that very week.  I bet she would have loved to attend a session on grief and loss.
The other new gal agreed with me, so we started a discussion.  How could we offer something related to miscarriages and grief in our already packed day? 
Someone knows a great doctor who has experienced miscarriage firsthand and could be a great speaker or participate in "the doctor is in" sessions where attendees could meet with him one-on-one.
Then, a good idea come to mind (at least I think it's a good idea)!  Last year during lunch we sat in groups and talked about specific topics (IVF, adoption, etc.), why not offer a grief/loss/miscarriage session over lunch that's optional for those that want to attend!?
And, it went over well!
If the session helps just one person, it will be worth it.

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