Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is secretly how I imagine it....I guess it won't be secret anymore

These are the thoughts that run through my mind.  Daily.  Usually when I am in the car, but sometimes more.  If you see me daydreaming, this is what it's all about.....

My cell phone rings and we find out that we've been blessed to be adoptive parents of a baby who has been born, and is at the hospital waiting for us.  We drop everything and go.  Hours later we are holding our baby (though not officially our baby yet). 

For some reason the whirlwind adoption story is what I dream after day.....

The details change, sometimes we run to Target to get a car seat, sometimes I call one of my friends to say "WE GOT THE CALL!!!  By the way can you pick us up a car seat?"  Sometimes I imagine calling my mom, Jamie's parents, our siblings, our friends.  Sometimes I imagine taking the time to get the crib set up and sometimes I dump a tub of clothes in the wash.  Sometimes I am at work, sometimes I am at home in sweats, sometimes I'm with a friend.  I always cry, and I do in real life just thinking about it.

I imagine thanking, thanking, thanking our baby's birth mother.  I wonder if she will ever understand the amazing gift she has given us.  The gift of being parents again.

The magical day we get the call.  Christmas for the Thompsons.  Knowing that everything we've been praying for, waiting for, dreaming of, is finally here.

It's wonderful to dream about each day.  And, when the real story unfolds, it's going to be wonderful to share it over and over again with our baby.

Until then I am going to keep on dreaming.

And, yes, I know that reality will likely be far from my dreams, but for now, I am going to keep these dreams alive.  Hope.

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  1. I would be happy to buy a car seat and drive to Spicer, any day...put me on your call list!