Monday, January 23, 2012

Adoptive Parents

We've been very fortunate to meet quite a few adoptive parents that have encouraged us, supported us, and showed us the "light at the end of the tunnel"...the completeness of family that we hope to feel some day.  Most of the families that we've spent a significant amount of time visiting with about adoption have young children.  Many times I can "see" our family in theirs. 
About two weeks ago I had a really, really unique experience.  I was spending time with a friend that chose adoption for her first child.  Ironically, that night I was able to meet the child's parents, the ones that adopted her at a few weeks of age.  It was absolutely heartwarming.  The parents told me the story about the call, their rush to get everything ready, and about what a blessing their children (two adopted and one biological) were to their lives.  They had tears in their eyes as they told the story, even thirty years later.  After just minutes of meeting them, they said they couldn't wait to get the update on our hear about when we got the call.  I've discovered that adoptive parents seem to have an immediate bond, an incredible understanding.
It was enlightening to see firsthand the "circle" of see how happy the birth mother was that her child found the right family, and to see the love in the adoptive parents eyes.  So much love for the child, from both sets of parents. 
We keep getting these amazing gifts of encouragement along the way.  What a blessing!

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