Saturday, July 23, 2011

Verbally Approved!

Our social worker came to our home for a brief visit.  She's laid back and encouraging--she definitely makes us feel at ease.  Griffin gave her the grand tour and showed her the important parts of our house, including blocks to build a hide out, every noisy toy he owns and his new bedroom ("that he will sleep in when we have another baby"....long time from now but it's ready!).  She asked him some questions about his responsibilities around the house and some of our rules.  After some encouragement he got more comfortable and answered questions.  He definitely was showing off a bit and had a hard time not acting goofy.  It was a little tough for me to see--he's such a great kid with a wonderful personality--and he wasn't himself during the visit.  But, I am sure she's used to it.  It's always different for a kid to have a stranger in his home--and one asking questions and taking notes is even more "strange". 

We got into some tough questions, "Would you consider this....?  What would you do if....?"  Basically questions trying to determine what we would consider in a child and birth family.  What it comes down to is that we are open.  We are open, welcoming people and would welcome a child into our lives.  It's hard to put conditions on anything and be definitive, because as we well know, you never know where life could lead you.  I would have said I would never own a minivan, never do IVF, never survive 4 miscarriages, but here I am! 

At the end of our meeting she said we were verbally approved and could go on the waiting list to be in the profile book (down to a wait of 12 families trying to get in the book of 60 families).  So, that's it!  Now it's the fun stuff--develop our website and profile for the book and wait. 

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