Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garage Sale Report

We did it!  Thanks to some really great friends and my mom, we had another successful garage sale!  
We had items from over 15 people and raised $970 for our adoption fund! 
 We took over my friend Jean's garage and driveway last Saturday:
Loads of people came to shop, despite the crazy weather:

 Jean is a design rock star, so made nice signs for the sale.  The sign ranslates to, "People, adoption is expensive, please don't barter too much."
My mom finally catching a break and some water.  It was a HOT day!  Don't you love the nice patio set?  Jean donated it to the adoption sale!

Here's one of the three vehicles that were full of items for the Sheler House, The Link and the Goodwill.  I am glad that everything will be put to good use!
 Jen, me and Wendy.  Fried.  I love these ladies!!!  They were a ton of help.  Wendy gets extra kudos for delivering coffee drinks TWICE--hot in the morning and cold in the afternoon!!
Thanks for the help ladies!!

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