Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please keep your adoption horror stories to yourself, people!

Today we went out to lunch, Jamie ran into someone he knew and we started visiting.  During the conversation he asked if we "just" had one kid.  (I can't tell you how much I hate that question!  He's not JUST one kid, he's our miracle.)  Anyway, our typical response was, "Yes."  Our new response is, "Yes, but we've recently been approved to adopt through Lutheran Social Service's domestic infant adoption program."  We got a nice response, "Oh, my nephews have each adopted domestically and it's been great for them."  (I like those comments.)  Then his tone switched, "It was quite a nightmare at first, one of them was placed with a little girl and her birth mother took her back after nearly 60 days."  Thanks, but no thanks, don't want to hear it.  I remember a friend of mine that adopted told me that the adoption horror stories would begin as soon as we started telling people we were adopting.  For the most part we've gotten great response and positive stories, but we've gotten quite a few doozers, too.  We KNOW the risk, we've read the stories and statistics, but we don't have much of a choice if we want to grow our family.  It's not like we've chosen this path without a lot of research and prayer.  We're certain that the risk will be worth the many, many rewards of growing our family.  And, don't call my kid a "just"! Thanks for letting me rant.... :)

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