Friday, July 15, 2011

Here we go again....

So our second (and last) adoption fund garage sale is underway!  We've had a ton of generous donations from people and really appreciate the support.  We have had lots of friends give their time and items to help out.  It was going to be a one day sale (a friend's neighborhood has a big sale every year, so we thought we'd take advantage of the traffic).  It was raining this morning, but good old {that I will never trust again} said that the storms would blow over.  So, we set the monsterous sale up--we had a few people show up, but also had lots of dark strom clouds loom over us.  After the ginormous rack of women's clothing fell over, we decided we were doomed.  So, we brought everything in and worked on pricing the items that were added to the sale this morning.  Then MORE people showed up--meaning more than we had when it wasn't raining.  No one could barely move in the garage, but people dug through stuff anyway!  We'd be ready to shut the garage door, then someone else would arrive.  We ended up with about $140 in sales, not too bad for not even being open!  On top of it we sold a nice patio set via phone for $150, so we had close to a $300 garage-sale-not-open-day!  I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow and a successful sale!  Then everything will get boxed up and sent to The Link (thrift store in New London that a United Way group I am involved in helped make over) and my daycare provider's sale (we recently found out that her daughter is raising money to send care packages to the troops).  Thank goodness we have had a ton of help because garage sales are exhausting!

Wednesday night set up went smoothly thanks to these ladies!!
Barb checking out the shoe selection!

 While loading up items that we priced for the garage sale, this was sitting on our made me smile....
Like it?  It can be yours for $3!  Or maybe $2?  All of the prices are running together in my head!
Jean helping to hang things after the nasty Friday morning weather!

Jen laughing after we dragged everything in, that's about all we could do at that point! 
Check out all of the clothes behind her!!


  1. Corey fixed my "blog commenting" I'm back in business! I hope you and Jamie are having a wonderful get-away together!! OXOXO.

  2. Heather, whatever you did worked cuz you are a follower and your comment posted!!! Thanks so much for the support.

    Oh, and should we have a canning day/night/weekend sometime? I'll teach you all the tricks.

    Love you!