Monday, March 12, 2012

A Visit to the Dentist

Every time I am at the dentist I am reminded that we have waited another six months for a baby, yet still don't have one.  I sit down in the chair and the questions start: Have your medications changed?  Are you currently pregnant?  Are you trying to get pregnant?  I usually give them a new list of medications (much easier now than when I was trying to get pregnant), today was easy since I've steered clear of fertility medications for a while and I no longer have to schedule the photos of my teeth during the two "safe" weeks of the month.  I am sure it was much easier on the hygienist, too, since I didn't get all teary eyed this visit.  I'm getting better at talking about our struggles to grow our family.  We talked about health, the weather and adoption.  She asked me lots of questions, not in a nosy sort of way, but a genuinely curious sort of way.  Then she asked if Griffin was "mine".  Between scrapings I responded, "Yes."  In my head I thought, "I wish she wouldn't say it like that.....our next baby, likely to be adopted, will be ours."  Just then, she said, "I'm sorry, you probably knew what I meant, I meant to ask if your son was biological."  Apparently hygienists are teeth scrapers AND mind readers, too.

The dentist came in and we talked about adoption, too.  Yes, do you get the idea that I tell everyone we come in contact with?  You never know who might be the connection to our future child!!  Then he told me about his brother that adopted through foster care, and that his daughter did IVF multiple times and it didn't work.  But, about a year later she got pregnant.  Some day we'll be the people that other people talk about.  The couple that couldn't have more kids, but now have more kids.  (I'll keep it plural because I think that's more fun.)

When I left the hygienist told me to bring in photos of our baby if we adopt before our next visit.  I walked back to work hoping that my next six month visit won't be another reminder of the time that's passed without the addition we've been praying for.  

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