Friday, March 9, 2012

Good for Us

I had our new cloth diaper on my hand (for the baby we don't have and don't know when we'll have....boy, that sounds crazy), and Jamie said, "This is good for us, Heather."  And he reminded me of the baby outfit that was hanging in his closet.

A few weeks ago I bought a baby gift for a friend.  I came home and showed Jamie the gifts and he asked if I bought anything for our baby.  I thought it was a funny question, and even more funny was that I actually had bought something.  I found a tiny little "Daddy's rock star" outfit on yellow dot (for those of you that know Herberger's!) and thought it would be fun to put it in Jamie's closet as hope of what's to come.  

I forgot all about that cute little outfit until Jamie reminded me of it today.  He told me he loves having it there.  Hopefully some day I'll be posting a photo on this blog of our baby in the outfit!

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