Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just what I needed.

For some reason Monday was tough on me.  Maybe it was the long, busy weekend catching up with me? Whatever it was, I felt completely exhausted.  I was "off" all day, and completely frustrated by it.  After talking about my day with Jamie, and playing basketball with Griffin in the basement, my spirits were getting better...but were far from 100%, they were far from 50%!   I logged onto Facebook and saw a post from someone, one of those people that always has an entertaining or thought provoking post.  The words "said goodbye before they got to say hello" caught my eye.  That's me, so I read the attached link.  It was a beautiful, helpful, and true blog post titled Forget-Me-Nots.  It made me feel less alone and more understood.  I read it and cried, so much of what it said I've tried to explain, but sometimes couldn't find the right words.  It reminded me to give myself grace, not just through my process of "healing" from the disappointments and losses we've had trying to grow our family, but daily.  It was just what I needed on this tough Monday, a good cry, acknowledgement of how far I've come, and a reminder of the need to give myself grace.

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