Saturday, March 31, 2012

In God's Timing

I've heard this phrase a lot, actually I mean A LOT, in the past several years.  "Things will work out in God's timing." "Just be patient, your family will grow in God's time."  "Remember you are not in control, it's all in God's time."  I agree.  But sometimes I get confused.  For example, should we not have applied for adoption, because if we are supposed to have another baby it will happen in God's time?  Or, because we felt lead/drawn to adoption is that OK?  What about adoption outreach?  We were just waiting, our profile was in the book and we felt like at some point we'd get picked by the "right" family.  By doing outreach, are we not trusting God and His timing, or is He leading us to do outreach because it's how we will get matched with the right family?  See what I mean!?

I think I'll just go ride the wave (Thanks, Jodi!) and try not to over analyze this (If you've met met you are probably thinking, good luck with that!!)!

It will all work God's timing.

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