Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intensity and Momentum

Since "launching" our Facebook page there has been a different level of intensity and momentum related to our adoption journey.  The quiet waiting period seems to be long gone, and my emotions are heightened.  The funny thing is that I'm not jumping at the phone to ring, but rather I'm contemplating ways to better share our story.  I want to keep the momentum for the Facebook page going, yet I don't want to bombard people with requests to like or share our page.  The potential for a TV interview is on my brain, which is an AMAZING opportunity, but I'm not going to lie, it's overwhelming, too.  Promoting ourselves just seems weird.  Uncomfortable, unnatural and humbling.  I'd really love for all of this to be easier, to be normal, to not have to work so hard for so many years to have a baby.

In the end I need to remember that the more people that know our story, the better our chances of a match.

In the past week and a half, I've had some interactions that have helped me to accept and embrace our outreach efforts.  I'm doing my best to tell myself that I should enjoy this process because it's the story of bringing our next baby to our family.

As I was nervously chatting with a co-worker about our potential interview and mentioned it to a couple of other co-workers that were close by.  Their genuine excitement helped me to realize that instead of having nervous energy, I needed to focus on positive energy.

After a shopping date at Target with my boys, I ran to the mall to pick up one more thing.  I ended up spending more time there than I expected (what a surprise!) and as I was walking out, walking in was a friend who has both a biological and adopted son.  We never run into each other except when we plan lunch dates.  It was so good to catch up with her and share our recent updates.  Watching her boys together was so, so, so inspiring.  She told me as they were walking in, the youngest was holding the oldest's arm and said, "I love you brother!"  Oh, I can't wait!

I had a lunch event for work today.  I walked in and saw a friend that I used to volunteer with and don't get to see very often anymore.  She told me that she loved our adoption Facebook page and that she had no idea we were adopting.  She commented that she couldn't imagine a more loving family for a baby.  So, sweet.

Thank goodness for these types of interactions!  They keep me as focused as I can be on what's important: the support, the positive and the possibilities.

I'll keep living with the intensity and will try to keep up the momentum, because in the end, it will bring our baby home.

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