Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I had a fun Sunday lunch date with Dana in St. Cloud. It was fun to catch up with her in person! She brought a ton of great things for the garage sale, as well as all of Tanner's 4T clothes for Griffin. It was fun to look through Madi's old clothes and see the fun things Dana got for her on our annual fall shopping trip to Albertville. Mary Kaye and Helen were ohhing and ahhing over all the cute clothes! Griffin was excited to see a Batman windsuit in the massive pile of clothes! :)

Thanks to some great friends and my super hubby, prepping for the adoption garage sale is going well! Jamie picked up Mary's tables on Monday night and moved all of the items that Mary Kaye, Helen and I priced to Kari's garage--LOTS OF WORK! Mary Kaye was great and helped Jamie load the van and watch Griffin. (I had a work event.) Barb was a sweetheart and brought some tables over, too!

Last night Mary Kaye, Helen, Kari, Beth, Jamie and I set up the tables and racks and put all of our items out. Mary Kaye and Helen told me I had a lot of stuff before, but I didn't agree until I saw it all placed out! It's awesome! Griffin was happy, too, because the Easter Bunny dropped off a cool dump truck with a tool set at Kari's for him to play with. The Easter Bunny wasn't smart enough to include batteries, but Kari saved the day!

While putting things away, I got an exciting call from a friend that is going through the adoption process, too. Things are moving along well for her--I can't stop smiling! I am thrilled for her family and feel so much hope for ours.

More garage sale items are arriving today, so we will get those priced and ready to go! Everyone has been so supportive and generous!

We may be running into a weather problem, but we'll make the best of it. Bring on the umbrella and hot coffee! Jen will be there helping me sell on Friday--we are sure to have a great time! Whatever we don't sell will be boxed up for a sale later in the summer.

It's been fun working with friends on this garage sale, and feeling the much needed support for our adoption process. Life is good.

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  1. Yay! Everything is looking great...Good luck!!!
    Love you.