Friday, April 22, 2011

Garage Sale Day #1

So here we are freezing our butts off on day 1 of our adoption garage sale! Yep, that's me and Jen (Kari needs to learn how to focus a bit better with my camera!). Despite the cool weather and mist, we had a great first day of our sale. We made $766!! We were so lucky to have had so many great "junk" contributions from friends, and the help of others to price and display everything. I say this a lot, but we are blessed. It's true.

Jen cracked me up, if someone tried to barter too much, she'd playfully add, "Come on, it's for the adoption!" And, it worked! :) One nice lady had me keep the change from her purchase (about $10!). She has a son (adopted) and is being placed with a baby in a few weeks through our county foster care program. Another guy that was hemming and hawing about each thing he was going to purchase gave me an extra $5. Another lady heard about the adoption and said she had to go and buy more stuff! I had some great conversations with many that gave encouraging words, asked many questions about our adoption, and told me "Good luck!" when they left. One woman who has a daughter that is struggling with infertility. She, too, tried IVF without success.

A few friends stopped by to see how things were going, it was so nice to get the support. Jen made sure we had warm coffee drinks handy. Chloe came to help for a while. Friends celebrated with me when I called to tell them the total from the day. Yes, we are blessed.

The garage sale did more than just raise funds for our adoption. It gave me a chance to feel lots of support, talk about our plans for adoption, and educate many people about the adoption process.

It was a great day. Let's pray for no rain tomorrow!


  1. Yay! $766 is a fantastic 1st day's haul!!!

    Congratulations, Thompson's!

  2. I'm glad your garage sale was such a success!