Friday, April 29, 2011

Holding our Baby

I was listening to the radio on the way to a conference in St. Cloud today. A song came on about a pregnant woman who found out that her baby girl would likely live less than a year, her doctor asked her what she wanted to do. The mother and father had the baby, they wanted to hold her hand and be a mom and dad as long as they could. My heart broke thinking of our sweet little boy that never had a chance to have his mommy and daddy hold him. It seems so unfair, for him to never feel our arms around him, to never have a chance at life. I hope he felt comforted in my belly, listening to my heart beat. I hope he knew that I loved him, waited for him and wanted him more than words could ever describe. So, the tears kept flowing and I was digging for Kleenex thinking about how absolutely ridiculous I must look to all of the other folks in traffic.

Then I thought about our future, and the day that our family finally grows, the joy we will feel when our baby is put into our arms....more and more tears fell...the overwhelming gratitude I will feel to our baby's birth mother and father for giving us the most incredible gift, the gift of life. Then I prayed that the birth mother and father that choose us are ok with tears, because there will surely be lots of them when we see and hold our baby for the first time. What an amazing day it will be.

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