Sunday, March 13, 2011


After we miscarried in January, we had chromosome testing on our baby and found out that we were having a sweet little boy....and that he was chromosomally normal. Not what we expected, so the big question was WHY??? We have been through so much, feel as though we are good parents with so much love to give. Why oh why oh why can't we have more children? (I could expand on this topic for about a week straight, so I will move on and get off my soapbox.) Anyway, our Reproductive Endocrinologist ordered a host of auto immune blood tests. The thought of having my blood drawn AGAIN and going back to the clinic in town where we found out that our baby was no longer living wasn't all that appealing to me, so I put it off. I finally called on Wednesday to make sure the blood work orders were in, and they were. On Thursday I got up my courage to go back into the clinic, I went in at 7:30 and figured I'd be out of there in 15 minutes. Wrong. I sit down and they lab tech looks at my order and says, "So, you are having an Hcg test (pregnancy test) today?" [Insert tears.] So, her curtain was quickly closed, I explained the situation and she went in search of the correct orders. Because many of the tests were somewhat unique, she asked someone to assist her. They had to consult the Mayo Clinic site to make sure that they were doing all of the correct tests. In the end I spent 45 minutes there and has 11 vials of blood taken (and it wasn't very fun to hear all of they scary things I was being tested for). Good thing I had a nice run with a good friend before I got to the clinic so the blood work wasn't the start of my day!

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