Saturday, March 5, 2011

Along the Way

Along the way of our family building journey, we've encountered situations that encouraged us to look more closely into adoption. Maybe they were just coincidences, but they seemed to be nudging signs to us. For instance....
  • Getting my blood drawn for IVF and having the nurse show me a photo of her beautiful adopted granddaughter.
  • Meeting with an acupuncturist to get assistance with fertility and finding out that he has two children adopted from the same agency we were considering.
  • Attending an event with several children included, all of which were adopted except for Griffin. Also at the event, an attorney that we knew commented that he loved his work with adoption. We left agreeing that we would someday adopt, and found out that next day that we were pregnant through our 2nd round of IVF (we miscarried at 14 weeks).

And, there's more! Maybe I'm latching on to these things because I want direction as to where we should be heading.....but maybe these things have been put front and forward so we notice them and follow the path towards adoption. Either way, we've started down a new path and are excited to see what our future holds. I can't wait for the day when our family photo includes 4 (or 5) of us!

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