Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adoption Stories

We've gotten lots of encouragement to follow this path from wonderful adoptive parents that have shared their stories with us. I was fortunate to have lunch with a friend/adoptive parent a few weeks ago. It was great to be able to ask all of the questions that have been running through my head....How did your first meeting go with the birth mother? What did she want to know about you? How challenging was the paperwork? What was your experience like in the hospital? How did you structure your open adoption? How did you cope with the waiting period? She was so supportive and offered to help with questions we have during our adoption process. It will be great to call her when we need advice, or just an ear.

Last weekend we went out for drinks with a couple that adopted through LSS a little over a year ago. Their adoption story was encouraging to hear. I found it really interesting and heartwarming that from beginning to completion, their adoption process was 9 months, just like a pregnancy! They provided us with all of the documents they were given throughout the adoption process and shared their family profile with us. They will be another great resource for us as we travel down this new path.

We have a friend that adopted through foster care, and we have play dates with her and her daughter on a regular basis. It will be nice to have that relationship and someone to get advice from about how to communicate about adoption with our children.

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