Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hope and a Sign

On Saturday we were registered for a Resolve Family Building Conference in the Cities. (Resolve is a national infertility association that assists families struggling with infertility. I attend a monthly support group in St. Cloud through Resolve.)
We woke up at 5:00 a.m. to get to the conference in time and could quickly tell that the roads would be bad (wind, wind, wind). We looked online and the road conditions were indeed bad, so we thought we'd have to skip the conference. As the gal that looks for signs (Miss, I know I am not the only one!), I thought this was our sign that we needed to give up the battle. (As you can tell I am a bit burned out lately!) Positive husband came to the rescue. He told me to jump in the shower while he cleared the driveway and he'd check to see how bad the roads were.
We got on the road and got to the conference mid-way between the first session. We missed the keynote speaker, but I didn't mind one bit--we got there. As much as I feel defeated, deep down in my heart that I am not ready to give up hope.
We had a great day and learned so much about coping with infertility, alternative options (i.e. acupuncture) and adoption. We skipped the sessions on artificial reproductive technologies...we feel like we are WELL versed in that area! I am so blessed to have such a supportive, understanding husband. We split up and went to different sessions so we could get as much info as possible, he was so great at recapping what he learned. I'm happy to say that after the conference today, we feel even better about our decision to pursue adoption. (But, don't be thinking I have let go of the pregnancy dream!)
We seemed to have a very unique situation with a biological child conceived naturally, yet a huge amount of struggle to have a child afterwards. The struggle sucks, but we are really blessed to have G.
I hope that some day we are panelists at this event. We want to help others get through their struggle.
Anyway, how is this for a sign? At the end of the day there was a prize drawing, we could put our tickets into boxes labeled for the items we would like to win. We won $1,000 towards our home study through Lutheran Social Services!
Our night ended with dinner with a good friend that happened to be in town from Madison. The perfect end to what turned out to be a great day.

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