Friday, March 4, 2011

First Offical Step!

After a great phone meeting with Lutheran Social Services, we took our first offical step towards adoption....below is our first piece of paperwork and money spent towards growing our family through adoption! (And, MUCH more to come!) We applied for the Domestic Infant Adoption Program through Lutheran Social Services. On 3/3/11 we received the information for our next steps including lots of paperwork and background check information. Oh how I wish I loved paperwork and running errands. We'll be working on completing paperwork, gathering documents, taking an 8 hour online training course, and on 4/21/11 we will be attending an adoption training course in the Cities. It all seems so overwhleming, and a bit unfair. I believe we are great parents, it's a little frustrating that we have to prove that to others. But, I also understand that its important for children to be placed in good homes. So, we will cheerfully go through all of the necessary steps, and hope and pray that we are blessed with a precious addition to our family!

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