Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reading and a Great Husband

Through our journey to grow our family, we've read lots of books to help us understand, cope and make decisions.  We've wholeheartedly jumped into reading solely about adoption.  I ordered a few recommended books, some for us and some for Griffin.  I love it that Jamie happily picks them up and reads them. When I came back from a recent weekend away scrapbooking (and drinking wine and hot tubbing) with some friends, I found this book out:
He told me that it was a great read and pointed out some information that will be helpful to us when we finally get to be adoptive parents.  Today he had it out again and was showing me the feelings that went along with grief, "Heather, this is just how we felt when we had our miscarriages."  The section he was reading was on helping your child deal with the grief they encounter as an adopted child.  It reminded me of the training we attended through LSS, one of the speakers commented that many of the families applying for adoption experienced infertility.  And, she said that the grief we experienced due to infertility will help us to better understand the grief our adopted children will have. 
We know how important it will be to develop a bond with our baby--he/she will be missing his/her biological mother's voice and smell.  We'll do whatever we can to show our baby unconditional love and affection.  We don't understand what it's like to be an adopted child, but we do understand loss. 
We can't wait to welcome another baby to our home, and love him or her up with all we've got!

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