Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Fast Forward Button

There have been times that through our struggle to grow our family, I wished that I could press the "fast forward button" on life and get to the happy spot where we had more children, the family photo where I didn't always feel like we were missing someone. 

I met an adoptive mother today and saw her "fast forward", and it was so great to see.  Her family that grew through adoption. 

She also taught me all about cloth diapers.  It was so sweet of her to open her home and have her kids share their toys with Griffin.  I genuinely wanted to know all about cloth diapers, but found myself drifting off into adoption talk.  It was nice to be with someone who has been through it, twice!

I hear reoccurring comments when I talk to adoptive parents.  1) Every story and situation is different.  2) I always hear that the children that were adopted into their family "made sense" or it was "meant to be" or it was "a perfect fit".  3) I also hear about the extended families that are developed because of open adoption.  It's so good to hear.  I feel blessed to have this opportunity, even though some days it seems so scary....there is so much unknown.  Good thing I have a whole lot of love for flying by the seat of my pants.


  1. Super fun! Carrie is awesome isn't she!? So glad you two were able to connect! :0) I read your last post. I had all those same worries, really. Mine last funniest one was me having this internal panic to get into that book so I wouldn't be an old maid trying to care for an infant and two older children. My thought was, who is going to pick us, we already have two children. So, we started the process because we figured we would be waiting two years. AND just six weeks later...little Jenay was in our home. God's word pressing on my heart. She was supposed to be with our family....for much deeper reasons than us having another child. Someday, I just might try to blog about it!

  2. Thanks for making me feel so normal! And, I challenge you to blog about it soon, I'd love to read your post.

    Carrie is so great--thanks for connecting me to her!