Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Thompsons are Flying Above the Radar!

Our house has been especially messy lately.  We were super busy last week, I had a terrible cold and we went out of town last weekend.  So, OF COURSE, this would happen.  We got a call from WCCO on Wednesday around noonish asking it we'd be willing to do an interview on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
Jamie called me and asked me my thoughts, we decided to call our social worker.  We're in a tough spot.  Not matched, but meeting with someone.  We don't want to offend her, but don't want to close doors.  We know that we want to help others struggling with infertility and adoption and we know that we can do that by sharing our story.  I called our social worker.  She was out of the office for the day.  Yep.  Then I tried her boss, she was out for the day, too!  So I called a very helpful and insightful adoptive mother.  Her comment...of course you should do it.  It's an opportunity to educate about open adoption, to share the positive side of open adoption from a family that truly believes in it.  I called Jamie and we discussed this.  It's National Infertility Week, what amazing timing.  What if our story inspires someone that just had a miscarriage?  Or someone that is pregnant and doesn't know what to do?  Or a nurse in a hospital that didn't know about LSS?

So, we agreed to do the interview.  I emailed the expecting mother that we've been meeting with to let her know that we were doing the interview and if she was comfortable with us mentioning that we met with someone twice and are waiting to see where that goes.  I'm sure it's not what she wanted to hear, but it's important for us to be open and honest.  I'm sure it's hard for others to understand....but we really respect and care for her.  She's doing what she can to make the best life she can for her baby. 

I am not going to lie, I cried a lot on Wednesday.  Are we doing the right thing?  Is there something we hadn't thought of?  Will we destroy the relationship we've developed with the expecting mother?  Will this create way more stress in our life?  Will the story be positive?  Will we communicate our journey effectively?  Will we be able to have the living room look acceptable by the time they arrive?  :)  Anyway, I had plenty of things to cry about.

Our social worker called me, she was concerned about what this may do with our relationship with the expecting mother we met with.  But, then we talked it through.  We weren't going on TV to tell people to please call us and give us a baby.  We were going on TV to share our story, and hopefully the right person will hear it--maybe that means one more baby in a positive adoptive situation, even if it's not our home, or maybe that means one more infertile family feeling like they will be OK someday because we are. 

So, we trudged forward, cleaned up the mess, dried off the tears and embraced the interview. 

Good thing my running buddy was free on Wednesday night because I needed some stress relief!

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