Friday, April 20, 2012

Rambling about Outreach and Waiting

As we wait for more information, I struggle a bit with what to do about adoption outreach.  Do we post things on our Facebook adoption page and ask people to keep sharing?  Do we wait it out?  I don't want to hurt the expecting mother we met with, but at the same time, we know that nothing is "for sure" at this point.  I've heard from many adoptive parents that things can change so being open is good.

Today I added a few more photos to our Facebook page, and will update the our website at some point.  That all seems safe, from both points of view.

I am friends with other hopeful adoptive parents on Facebook and see their posts about adoption t-shirts, window decals, posters, etc. to spread the word.  Kudos to those families that are using unique methods of outreach to share their story!  At this point, that's not for us.  Actually, at any point I don't think that's for us.

I'll keep doing what I feel somewhat uncomfortable with, flying just above the radar so the word gets out, but I don't feel like our family is being marketed in a way that I don't feel like we are being ourselves.

We've had a busy week and I came down with the crud--UGH!  Tomorrow will be a good day--Jamie and I are volunteering at Resolve's family building conference in Golden Valley in the morning and are attending a wedding of some of our good friends in the afternoon--whoo-hoo!  It will be good to have the focus be on helping and celebrating with others!

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