Saturday, September 3, 2011

Less Organized

The other day I was doing a few things around the house and thought "urrrrgh" every time I turned the corner.  I opened the junk drawer--so disorganized I had a hard time shutting it.  I went in the laundry room--what happened to that great sorting method I developed where each of us had our own basket?  Toys.  Holy cow, they are all over, not in their nice little organized bins and cubes.  Huh.  Oh yeah.  Every month when we were trying to get pregnant and we didn't succeed, I'd organize.  It was my way of controlling one little bit of our spinning-out-of-control-life.  With adoption, there is so much up in the air, nothing is predictable and every story is different.  Right now there isn't a lot of disappointment, so my expectations have changed.  I still have hope, but time lines have disappeared.  Am I disappointed that our family hasn't grown yet?  You betcha.  Do I feel the need to control something, even a junk drawer, to cope?  Nope.  So, here's where we are at, a junk drawer that's full of displaced junk and may be forever.  (And, if you don't think this looks so bad, keep in mind that the scissors aren't in the scissors container and the highlighters are mixed in with the pens.  GASP!)

Yes, this is in our LIVING ROOM!  The toys are overflowing, and you know what?  I don't care. 
I'm busy enjoying life. 


  1. THAT'S disorganized?? Good grief...I hope you never see my junk drawer! :)