Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Relief

One of the stressers that goes along with our family building process is daycare. We LOVE where Griffin goes to daycare. It's in a great home, the provider is well organized, teaches preschool, takes the children outside frequently, has a great schedule, limits TV time, is flexible and the kids take on responsibilities. It's great. I've always, and I mean always, been afraid that she won't have an infant opening when we have our next baby. I can't imagine having someone else care for our child while we are at work. And, I can't imagine Griffin going to a different daycare than his baby brother or sister. We've reserved a spot for baby #2 three times now (our 2nd miscarriage was early and we new from the beginning that the pregnancy would fail, so didn't reserve a spot that time).

Today I got an email from our daycare provider that an infant is starting in September.

It was followed by an email telling me that she informed the family that she has another family (US!) that is going through an adoption. If we were placed with a baby, they would need to find another daycare provider. Wow. What a huge weight off of our shoulders (OK, my shoulders, Jamie always had faith that it would work out). A true blessing. Our baby will be in the daycare we love, right along with his or her big brother.

Sigh. Of. Relief.

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