Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post Appointment

I left the appointment in a blur, I hadn't eaten lunch, but wasn't hungry. I couldn't go back to work, I just couldn't. I wanted to celebrate my little guy's birthday with him, but he was still napping at daycare. So, I headed to the mall, tear stained face and all. Moving forward, healing. I shopped for a bit and stayed busy until I knew Griffin was awake. I picked up two chocolate shakes and headed on my way to our miracle. He had his swimsuit on and was ready to run through the sprinkler, he asked me to stay and watch him, but Mary said it would be a little while. So, we stopped by my parent's cabin and picked up their fun water ball. Griffin laughed his head off in the front yard while getting drenched. I took my medication.

We went over to my parents and celebrated our sweet little guy. He was so excited to have a balloon, a party, a cake and presents. He blew out his candles and we told him to make a wish. He wished for another nerf gun (I caved and bought him one and gave it to him when he woke up--don't worry there are plenty of rules with it!) We told him that since he had a nerf gun already, he might want to wish for something else. So, he wished that "Nonna and Poppa wouldn't go back to Florida." What a sweet boy. My parents had a super fun gift for him--a motorized 4 wheeler just his size. But, they wrapped up some other things and told him it was his present--socks, underwear, a swimsuit and a toothbrush. Griffin commented on everything and said thank you and then talked about the movie we were going to. No big deal that he got necessities for his birthday! My parents laughed. They showed him his real gift and he was thrilled! It even has a "Griffin" license plate on it. He's one lucky boy.

We all went to a movie, and laughed as we heard Griffin giggle. He's helping us all to heal.

The medication is working faster than I imagined, it was a tough night, but I know that there will be brighter days ahead. Right now I feel very little hope, I feel a bit lost and confused. But, I know someday hope will be restored.

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  1. I just want to give you a hug, honey! Thinking of you...