Sunday, February 26, 2012

Focusing on the Good

Jamie had to work on Saturday during the day, then we found out he also was going to have to work at night. I was a little bummed, but thought I'd make the best of it. I decided to plan a little adventure for me and little man, an adventure that wouldn't be as easy when we have a baby in our family.

I got up in the morning and sent a text to a good friend that we'd be in town asking is she and her family could meet up--and they could!

Griffin and I headed to out to do a little shopping for Jamie's 40th birthday. Yes, I said 40th! I told Griffin if he was a good shopper and didn't complain we'd go to a special store and get the toy he's been pining away for, the Cars 2 Bath Blastin' Finn McMissile. He was so excited when we got to Toys R Us.

He couldn't believe there was a store with just toys! He was SOOOO good. We walked up and down the aisles and he pointed out a few things he liked and asked if we could put them on his birthday list....never once did he ask for anything! We found the Finn toy he wanted and he sat on the floor and admired it. So cute. We got up to the check out counter and he emptied out his wallet, $11.02. I paid for the rest. He told the clerk he didn't want a bag and he happily carried Finn out of the store with him. He wanted to go home right away and take a bath, but I told him I had more surprises for him. He held Finn the entire time he was in the car for the rest of the day.

Next up we met Christine and Issac at a fun bounce house place. In no time, Griffin's cheeks were rosy from all of the jumping and running!

We went to Space Aliens for dinner, Jon and Brady were able to meet up with us (they were at Brady and Issac's older brother's basketball tournament during the afternoon). They boys had fun playing games. Griffin lucked out and won 162 tickets on one game--he is still talking about it!

As soon as we got home, Griffin jumped in the tub to play with Finn.

What a great day!

And, Jamie is going to LOVE his birthday gift!

Here we are in the wind simulator....Griffin thought we needed to go in!

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