Saturday, February 4, 2012

Checking the Website

Every so often I check the LSS website to see the list of waiting families....I look at the pretty photos of happy people eagerly waiting for a child.  Today I checked it out and was happy to see two families that have been waiting since I started taking a gander at the site (over a year ago) move to the "matched" section.  Of course, I can't wait for the day that we move out of the "waiting" category and into the "Congratulations on your arrival" category, but in the mean time I am going to celebrate these families that have been waiting much longer than us.  How exciting!  It's great to see dreams come true!

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  1. I know EXACTLY your feeling on this! I was OBSESSED with checking the site. Quite frankly, I still am. Sometimes LSS is slow at updating the site. By the time we they got us online, we were already matched...not a bad all. And then, because our case was so complicated we were in the matched category for 9 months. 9 months of legal risk. Since it was our third adoption, we were emotionally in a place that held us together maybe a tad better than somebody working on their first adoption. BUT, oh, the emotions that came and went and came and stayed and went and came back....OYE! LSS we there supporting us on our entire journey. The day we were out of legal risk, LSS was all over that website and moved us to the Congratulations on your new arrival category. Seeing that confirmed my reality and I lost it...burst into tears, and cried and cried and cried. I still can't believe my baby will be 2 in a month! I feel so blessed and honored that her birth momma is still in our life and will be able to celebrate her birthday with us. It has been a difficult journey for all of us and so humbling and beautiful and bringing out God's greater plan right before our eyes. I can't wait to watch His plan for your family come to life too. Just think, your baby could be 'cookin' as we speak, or being born, or in the making.

    I too, love to celebrate when I see people I KNOW have been WAITING a VERY LONG time in that matched category. I'm going to go check it right now!