Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nope, haven't heard a thing and a note about diapers.

It's only been two weeks and we've had 1,239 people ask is if we've gotten a call yet.  OK, it hasn't been that bad, but I think people we're dreaming of a magical story in which we went in the book and several minutes later we got a call.  Good thing that's not what we expected!  I'd love to have a magical story about a quick match, but I'll take a magical story at any time.  We just want to grow our family, my timeline for it has disappeared.  I hope that it doesn't come back, this way of thinking is much easier on my heart.

Today I was visiting with Griffin's daycare "mom".  I asked her what she'd think of us using cloth diapers.  She said that it wouldn't be a problem at would make no difference to her.  Really, really cool!  So, I think that I'll start that search after things calm down a little bit (if they ever do!).  Some days I get scared to act like an expecting mother, and other days I allow myself to put my whole heart into it.  I daydream about it, but I don't really "do" anything for it.  So, the search for the perfect cloth diaper may be just what I need to begin the nesting process!  I need to let go of the fear that I won't get to be a mom again and keep my hope alive!

A special thanks to my friend Tawnia for inspiring me to consider cloth diapers.  XO

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  1. I owe you an email on cloth diapers! :0) I have not forgotten!