Saturday, November 12, 2011


I went to a self-motivation/goals setting seminar a couple of weeks ago.  The instructor was full of life and his hilarious stories and comments kept me captivated.  He talked about goals, writing them down, developing a plan, researching....and how all of this leads to accomplishing goals.  I could have easily written next to his step by step plan the stages of our adoption process.  It was fun for me to see the correlation and appreciate how the steps LSS developed for us should lead to our goal of having another child. 

One thing the instructor kept reiterating was positive energy.  Surrounding yourself with positive people.  Skipping the news.  Listening to positive music, because music truly affects your spirit.

I got in the car and one of my favorite songs was playing very loudly, I called my friend that also attended the session to tell her the words I heard: "We don’t have any money/We’ve never had any money before/All truths told we’re downright poor"!  I was laughing my head off.  I guess if we need to focus on paying for the rest of the adoption, I should find another song to focus on.  :)  The song If I Could is by Storyhill, it's a love song and reminds me of Jamie and me.  Here's the beginning: "You have a heaven in your eyes that I’ve been looking for\ The fire that’s in the sun is in our hearts".  It's a beautiful, beautiful song. 

If you know me well, you know I generally ALWAYS have Christian radio on, so back to KLOVE I go!

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