Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I know of someone....

I hesitate to even post about this {because it doesn't seem like a big deal} but then I reminded myself this blog is about our process.  So, here's part of the process.  We had someone that we know mention in an email the other day that they know a woman looking for an adoptive family.  I didn't react like I thought I would.  I didn't put together an email with our profile, web address, etc, etc, etc.  I didn't ask about the woman, I didn't give a sales pitch.

I feel like if it's meant to be it will work out.

I walked the friend of ours through the process and answered some questions about private adoptions versus adoptions through agencies.

I told him that if she was interested in information about us or LSS, that I would be happy to provide it.

I don't want to push.  I don't want to be aggressive.  I want to respect this woman and the difficult decisions that she has to make. 

I don't expect anything to come from this.  If it does, I'll certainly be overjoyed. 

I'm keeping my trust in the Lord, that He'll guide us through this process and that our family will grow.  And, I'll trust my intuition that the right match will work out for us.


  1. You are so right, if it's meant to be, it will work out. I am so thrilled to be a part of your journey! I hope I can be a positive support whenever you need! I think your approach is beautiful and sensitive and respectful and loving and wonderful and adoring and when your match arrives--it will be all the same--beautiful, sensitive, respectful, loving, wonderful and adoring. Congrats on getting into the book!!!

  2. Thank you so much....you have already been a huge support! Just looking at your three little ones gives me hope! I'm looking forward to seeing how this amazing journey unfolds!