Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Week of Hope: Entry #1

It seemed like last week I had glimmers of hope every time I turned around.  It was really inspirational, especially since I had a busy, busy week and felt lots of pressure to get our profile done.

Here's the start....

The woman (and friend) that leads the infertility/family building support group that I attend contacted me about a paper she was writing for a class.  The paper needed to be on one word and she had to interview someone.  She chose the word hope, and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed.   I was glad that she thought of the word hope, and was honored that I came to mind when she thought of the word. 

She asked me questions: What does hope mean to you?  When is a time that you almost gave up hope?  When is a time that hope got you through a difficult situation?  What gives you hope?  How does hope affect your daily life?  It was easy to answer all of the questions and was good for me to reflect on hope and what it's done for my life!  It will be fun to see the end product.   Thanks, Katie!

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