Monday, October 17, 2011

Profile Update

We had a blast at the farm on Saturday, we were busy living the profile.  I got back to our profile on Sunday and was having fun...I was making edits and all was good.  But, time started ticking away and I started getting a little mopey about the whole thing.  I wanted to be living the profile, not writing the profile.  I was getting a little bitter that instead of enjoying life, I was back to working on paperwork for our seems so unfair that I have to take so much time away from Griffin (and my beloved naps) to do all of this.  But, as a good friend reminded me today (thanks, Dana!), what I am doing is for Griffin, too.  And, as soon as we get through the profile and website updates, I can get back to having more free time and playing farm, splashing in puddles and raking leaves with my buddy.

I wasn't in the mood to proof our profile one last time last night, Jamie did, but I went to bed.  I looked at it today and am going to call it quits.  I'll have it proofed one last time, then will send it to our social worker to review. 

I hope that whoever looks at it can see us shine through.  I have to have faith and hope that we will shine the right one.  Our birth mother. 

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