Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All of that Time

Today I was at a Partner meeting for work.  One of the Partners mentioned goals....investing time achieving goals and becoming an expert.  I started to think about the countless hours I spent in OB/GYN waiting rooms, getting ultrasounds, online researching infertility, blogging about wanting more children, crying, going to infertility support group meetings, driving to appointments, filling out paperwork, talking to adoptive parents.  It overwhelmed me.  I thought about what I could have done in that time.  Become an expert in something, anything.  Learned to sew?  Became really good at photography?  Started a side business?  Got another degree?  I used that time to try to grow my family and some days it feels like wasted time.

But, I have to remember, it only feels like it was "wasted" time....it wasn't wasted.  Each step of the process has brought us closer to growing our family.  It's made us stronger, more appreciative and helped us to have the best marriage we can.  It's allowed me to find healthy ways to cope with stress and to "to sweat the small stuff".      And, I have to see this journey as serving a greater purpose, not only to add to our family, but hopefully to give hope to others.

I have to admit, for a while I sat and wondered what my career would be like if all of the time I spent growing our family had been devoted to work.  Oh well, I have lots of great knowledge about egg production, ovulation and fertility drugs.

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